Work-in-progress archive of old blog posts and selected journalism.


Nominated Georgina Henry Women in Journalism Prize 2016

Chuffed to be on the shortlist for the Georgina Henry women in journalism prize. Georgina Henry launched the Guardian’s hugely successful Comment is Free website and set up Women in Journalism back in 1995. She died of cancer in 2014 aged just 54. I recommend Alan Rusbridger’s tribute if you haven’t read already: The idea I pitched to the judges was for a podcast. A collection of outtakes you might say, from all the interviews I do for my articles. It’s something I’ve been thinking about and working towards for some time, but I’ve never had the money or…

A conference to end sexual violence against women

“It is not enough to talk about sexual violence in conflict. Sexual crimes against women, girls, and sometimes men, are a continual violence happening in every country, every single day,” says American Nobel laureate Jody Williams.

When women fought nuclear bombs

Greenham women began the 1980s imagining a molten world victim to the posturing of the men who ruled it. In this nightmare, only their children survived, swollen and deformed by a nuclear winter, while they stood in silent horror, helpless. What they did next would transform their lives, and thirty years on the legacy of their protest is still keenly felt.

‘Journalists take pictures and nothing changes’

On hearing about the deaths off the Italian island of Lampedusa last month, I was struck by the prescience of these words. Yasin, who made the comment, was Eritrean, like many of those who died. He made the same journey and survived.

Who are the “illegals”?

In Britain the term “illegal immigrant” is used to describe people who break immigration laws, but in popular culture and action it is a catchall phrase often denoting poor migrants, stateless people, and refugees.

The Lone Parent Trap

When Jen Smith’s employer went bust she lost control of a life she had spent 20 years building. It took only a few years for life to unravel. In three years Jen got just four interviews and no job. Soon she had to remortgage the one-bedroom flat she shares with her daughter.

“reporting & writing” named one of 10 best migrant blogs

Originally posted on London Migrant Hub:
Photo by Mike Licht There are some great migrant blogs out there but they’re not always easy to find. So, for those on the hunt for migrant voices, someone to explain new immigration policy, or just an interesting take on global migration, here are some of our favourites: 1. The Diary of a Refugee Mother Blogging as ‘Helen’, this mother of three came to the UK from Ethiopia nine years ago after having been imprisoned for political activities. She blogs, (with the help of someone from Women for Refugee Women), about the brutal realities…

heavy chains hanging across water

The Absurdity of Mr Grayling’s Residence Test

Originally posted on Do right, fear no-one!:
Connor Johnston considers how a slave would have fared under the government’s proposed legal aid residence test. The House of Commons last week debated some of the issues raised by the Government’s consultation on “Transforming Legal Aid”. The consultation – which will be considered by the Ministry of Justice over the summer recess – proposes significant further cuts to legal aid. The proposals were announced mere days after the last round of legal aid cuts came into effect. The debate is an important one. The fact that the proposals are to be implemented…

Letter from Europe’s border

A question for the European politicians thrashing out a plan to provide “assistance” to Syria: if a bedraggled Syrian escapes the war, if he escapes the chaos of the refugee camps in Iraq or Jordan or Turkey, if he arrives tired but hopeful on your doorstep, what will happen to him?